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Smoking Mindfully for the Summer Solstice

By The Parent Company Staff

After a long winter without adequate vitamin D, we’re more desperate than ever for a real summer. We want the old summer back–the kind of summer that was full of possibility and adventure. We must admit, our childlike wonder has waned over the years and, if we’re not careful, summers can just come and go like a fly buzzing around as we bury our heads in the hustle. This June 21, let’s remember that it’s not just the first day of summer or just the longest day of the year. It’s an actual celebration historically recognized by just about every ancient civilization. Explore some Summer Solstice traditions and the best strains to pair them with so we can smoke with more intention and welcome in the new season with some panache.  

Embracing the Mystery

One of the most famous examples of ancient Summer Solstice observatories is Stonehenge, located in England. Believed to have been built around 2500 BCE, the rising sun aligns with the stones and shines directly into the center of the monument. This ancient wonder has inspired folklore and theories, but no one is certain why (or how) it was built. Its mysterious origin and meaning has led us to a strain that can turn anxieties into an appreciation for the transitory nature of things. 

Embrace the mystery with Grandaddy Purple

Well known for its relaxing and stress-busting effects, Grandaddy Purple is a safe space to ponder the unknown and welcome in the mystifying. This indica will take the tension out of your mind and body so you can face change without expectation.


Celebrating in Community

Almost every recorded history of the summer solstice was done in community. The ancient Mayans, who had a deep understanding of astronomy and celestial events, gathered at ceremonial centers with precise structures to worship the sun. The ancient Egyptians marked this solstice as the beginning of their agricultural year when the Nile River flooded and celebrated with music and dancing. Even modern celebrations are done with family and friends at the beach, in nature, hiking, or with yoga. While there are many strains great for socializing, only one grounds you this joyfully while surrounded by the ones you love.

Celebrate in community with Blue Dream

This shareable sativa is popular for a reason. It vibes well with most everyone–beginners and connoisseurs alike. It boosts energy, causes giggle fits, and sets in with a glittery euphoria. Plus, the sweet berry taste and aroma will draw in new friends like a cartoon pie on a window sill.


Feast with Friends

In Scandinavian countries, Midsummer feasts are a significant part of celebrating the solstice. Eating is such an everyday occurrence; feasting, on the other hand, is something to savor. Check out some festivities taking place near you with outdoor music and food pop-ups or pack your own feast for a picnic or barbeque to make mindful eating a pleasure. The best strain for the occasion sounds as delicious as it makes your food taste.

Feast with Wedding Cake

This powerhouse of a strain really packs a punch. Mmm, punch. It’ll also stimulate your appetite. Super relaxing and euphoric, this indica-hybrid will elevate whatever you eat into a true culinary experience.


Reflect & Set Intentions

The solstice can serve as a moment for personal reflection, setting intentions, and embracing positive changes. Some take this time to review their goals, aspirations, and personal growth, using the energy of the solstice to manifest new beginnings and transformation. With the growing concern for the environment, the summer solstice is also a time for raising awareness about ecological issues. Educational events, nature conservation initiatives, and sustainability-focused activities are organized to promote environmental consciousness and stewardship. Set goals for the summer and spend some time in nature with a strain that centers you in the present moment.

Reflect with Northern Lights

Named for the bucket-list natural event, this indica strain is thought to be one of the best for meditation and self-reflection. Give your mind some peace and quiet and welcome in the new season with positivity and an awakened mindfulness. 


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